Tips to write an effective essay

  • An essay express a specific idea with facts, statements, analysis and explanations which supports it. In a basic format of an essay, it have five paragraphs but usually an essay can have any number of paragraph it required.

    Select a Topic:

    Essay writing is common in schools on a givem topic. As you progress in higher level you will get the opportunity to choose your own topic for the essay. Always make sure that the topic which have chosen supports your expected type of paper. The topic depends upon the paper which you are expected to write. If you are writing a general overview then the topic will be general else if thepaper is on a specific analysis then the topic will be specific.

    Make a diagram for your ideas:

    Making a diagram on the ideas will help the students to organize their ideas on this diagram before gets started. Many students are tensed while writing the essay because they want to write all their ideas in the essay paper but they have to momerize the ideas in their head before starting. You just have to create a diagram for the information in moderately organized format.

    Prepare a Thesis Statement:

    The writer should have an idea for the essay and a clear concept about what information will be included in the essay paper. Once you have got the basic structure of the essay, and the information which will included in the essay, the next step is to develop the thesis statement for the essay. The thesis should be clear, specific and concise. The thesis statement outlines what the writer intend to prove in the essay paper.


    As everyone know the essay begins with an introduction which is the first paragraph of the essay. Introduction introduces the idea that the essay will address to the readers. The introduction intended to grab the reader's interest and attention. The writer should prepare the introduction as interesting as possible. Conclude the first paragraph with the thesis statement.


    The body of an essay is a place to explain or argue on the chosen topic. Main ideas which is included in the paragraphs will be added to the body paragraph. Explain each ideas in different paragraphs.


    You should have an concluding words on your best essay writing service topic. This will be the final paragraph. Restate the thesis statement slightly different from the introduction. You should say that you are confident that you have proved all the ideas.