Russians attack the English in

  • Russians attack the English in the stadium but it's an ugly FIFA Coins brawl amongst Russians and English. Disgraceful anti-English reporting. MK, Preston.And the six England fans sent to prison subsequently? Anti English sentencing, I presume. But I'd say the key is in your opening sentiment. 'Nothing unusual to see a drunk Englishman being a bit rowdy on holiday.

    And that's acceptable, is it? And if a load of Frenchman kept coming to Preston, getting drunk and behaving boorishly, you'd be fine with that? I doubt it. I think you'd find it rather tiresome and annoying. And every news outlet reported that the incident inside the stadium was inspired by Russian fans. In many ways.

    K, it was a stroke of luck for the English fans – because it has allowed people who did behave poorly to hide, and pretend it was that way all weekend. And it wasn't.I think the English supporters are getting a lot of bad press. They were over in Dublin last June and everyone thought there was going to be trouble. They mixed with the Irish and had a good crack.

    The English haven't caused any trouble when they were on Buy FUT Coins their travels the last few years, just drinking and singing – and what's the harm in that? Paddy98, Dublin.Paddy, call me a cynic but either you're the only Irishman who can't spell craic, or you're a plant?So the French woman had a justifiable reason for throwing a glass bottle at another human being? Graham W Reed.