World Cup bonuses as the poe currency

  • World Cup bonuses as the men even though that part of the poe currency arrangement is paid by FIFA. And the men don't get paid unless they are selected. Icedwizard, United States.This is a legal dispute now, so there are going to be arguments on both sides. Your case echoes US Soccer's stance, that the World Cup year was exceptional and a broader picture, over a four-year cycle, has to be considered.

    Yet the most recent US Soccer financial report indicates the women's team is now the main economic engine – so while the men may do better over four years, it won't be excessively greater, and certainly not at a level that explains the extreme disparity in earnings.

    The 2015 final of the Women's World Cup is the biggest television audience on an English-speaking network for any football game in America, male or female. So while four years ago the women might not have been making the same financial impact, they certainly are now.

    What I don't understand is why US Soccer would not wish to nurture positivity? Instead of expecting the women's team to justify every last cent, why do they not simply offer parity as a way of showing faith in buy poe currency the women's game? This largesse doesn't work beyond US shores because the difference in revenue for men and women is so vast – but that isn't the case in America.