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Hot Air Stenter LiCheng Machinery


    Zhejiang LICHENG Printing&Dyeing Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd located in China, We offer an exclusive range of Hot Air Stenter Machine which are used for several applications. Our products are highly durable and available in various designs.

    With the help of good business ethics and international quality products like Hot Air Stenter Machine we have earned a respectful name in the domestic as well as in the global market.

    With a leading name in Hot Air Stenter Machine industry, we provide you with best quality products for all types of requirements.

    A machine or apparatus for stretching or stentering fabrics. The purpose of the stenter machine is to bringing the length and width to pre determine dimensions and also for heat setting and it is used for applying finishing chemicals and also shade variation is adjusted. The main function of the stenter is to stretch the fabric widthwise and to recover the uniform width.

    Function of Hot Air Stenter Machine :

    1. Heat setting is done by the stenter for lycra fabric , synthetic and blended fabric.

    2. Width of the fabric is controlled by the stenter.

    3. Finishing chemical apply on fabric by the stenter.

    4. Loop of the knit fabric is controlled.

    5. Moisture of the fabric is controlled by the stenter.

    6. Spirility controlled by the stenter.

    7. GSM of the fabric is controlled by stenter.

    8. Fabric is dried by the stentering processs

    9. Shrinkage property of the fabric is controlled.

    10. Curing treatment for resin, water repellent fabric is done by the stenter.

    Hot Air Stenter Notes:

    (1) Switch steam, power and heat according to safe operating procedures.

    (2) The temperature is increased by driving, and the production can only be carried out after the specified temperature is reached. Always observe changes in temperature during operation.

    (3) The width of the door and the weft density should be measured before the fabric is on the vehicle. If it is too different from the specified range, it cannot be put into production.

    (4) Adjust the tension of the cloth to make the fabric flat and wrinkle-free, not skewed, and sew the seam between the horse and the horse. The seam is straight, without wrinkles, and the width of the door should be aligned.

    (5) Pay attention to the cloth surface when laying out the cloth. If it is found that it is not clean, the width of the door is not satisfactory, the latitude, curling, wrinkles, etc., the disease should be removed in time.

    Application of hotairstenter Machine :

    Hot Air Stenter Machine is used to stenter and heat set on woven fabric and knit fabric (such as cotton, polycotton, polyester, blending,mosquito net, etc.)

    Processes of Hot Air Stenter Machine:


    -coating,laminating(special accessories needed)

    -dyeing((special accessories needed)

    LiCheng ZCMD768 Type Hot Air Stenter: This stenter suits for weight arrange 50-700g/m2 cotton, wool, linen filament, silk etc. knitted or woven fabrics auxiliaries padding, stentering, drying and heat-setting.

    Technical parameters of LiCheng hotairstenter : type: right-handed or left-hand drive vehicles

    2.Nominal width(W):1800-3600mm

    3.Nominal speed:10-110m/min

    4.Amplitude range : 700-(W-200)

    5.Motor drag way: AC frequency conversion

    7.Heat source: hot oil, gas (city gas, natural gas, water gas, liquefied petroleum gas), steam, electricity

    6.Holding methods: needle plate or cloth iron

    8.Falling cloth: mercy, package (diameter ≤ Φ1500m) dual-use

    9.Rail Type: Oil-free steel rail or cast rail

    10.Oven section number: 5-12 section

    11.250°Oven temperature: up to 250 °

    12.Installed capacity: about 15n + 55KW (excluding electric heating capacity)

    13.Overfeed rate range: -20% + 80%

    7 Advantages (choose hot air stenter machine from


    We have a strong R&D team,and we can develop and produce Hot Air Stenter products according to the drawings or samples the customers offered.


    Companies uphold management purposes of quality and service, dedicating to provide new and old customers with quality products and services and meet customers needs in maximum extent possible. Customer service, customer success, "pioneering and innovative, pursuit of excellence" is the constant pursuit of Zhejiang Licheng legislation, and sincerely look forward to working with new and old customers and creating a better future!


    LiCheng has complete set of Hot Air Stenter machining equipment which can ensure the accuracy of parts and the quality of stereotypes. We only use premium electrical systems of the industry's leading brands to ensure that the sizing machines are adapted to a variety of complex operating environments.


    LiCheng can provide a variety of hot air stenter configurations, suitable for all kinds of fabric production.With more than 800 sets stenter sales experience, we know better about diverse market requests, which also guaranteed us to help our customers with the best stenter type and configurations.

    Production Capacity:

    Our annual production capacity is over 200 sets of printing & dyeing machines. We can meet the needs of different customers with different purchase quantity.


    LiCheng provide strong sales and technical services through our extensive distribution network in many areas.Our experienced and professional engineerteams provide prompt and reliable service to customers starting from stenter delivery.


    LiCheng are only 135 kilometers away from Beilun port, the exit is very convenient.

    LiCheng as a top manufacturer of Flat Screen Printer and hot air stenter machine, we looking forward to hear from you to initiate a long-term and satisfying relationship. Please feel free contact us any time:

    Our Company : Zhejiang LICHENG Printing&Dyeing Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd

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